About Frances Micklem

Who I am

I am a health specialist, author and pioneer, with twenty years experience of committed advocacy and energy clearing, offering personal and professional wellbeing workshops, skills, organic agriculture and music events, cooking, mindfulness and empowerment tools. I am highly motivated to provide person-centred care and teach people how to improve their environments, literacy and quality of physical, mental and emotional life.

Building Harmony Hall

I built Harmony Hall in 2004 which is a totally unique and magnetic health and ethics-orientated building. Being here has introduced people to deep relaxation and creativity sometimes for the first time. The bio-architecture protects me as a health practitioner too, dealing with heavier geopathic and spiritual energies, of which I have done more than my fair share of exorcism.

Frances Micklem

Frances Micklem

Harmony Hall, Co. Kilkenny

Tel: +353 (0) 83 144 3978


Thinking with perspective, for a better green transition

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I started as a social worker with expertise in care for the elderly with dementia and homeless people not eligible for benefits, rent supports or access to health or education. More recently, I’ve represented people in workplace, hospital, abuse and welfare issues. I love to fight the good fight for good people. I have been a radio host for several years for the American-based Creating Calm Network, with interviews on every subject from social justice to fertility. I am a ghost-writer for professionals in Education, Law, Politics and Business. It was in this context, I realized my unlimited ability to ask good questions and assimilate information fast, while at the same time generating ideas that seem to have never crossed anyone’s mind before. I believe it is that ‘joined up thinking’ that everyone says we need.

What I know

While people are still talking about how to control people, pests and diseases and  manage people and sell the use of other resources and eradicate invasive species, I am fired up, instead, with empathy, respect and a multitude of original ways to care for and restore habitats, health and food systems. Because I know that everything is connected energetically, it follows that I am neither right nor wrong, in a polarized way. More importantly, it follows that you are neither well nor sick, in any sort of final way. We are much less solid than we think we are and that works in favour of healing every time.

Personal History

Perhaps I inherited my very mild super powers; having a high court judge, from Oxford, for a father and a nurse, from Limerick, for a mother. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to achieve congruence between what I know and how I live, as a consumer. I have neither taken an aspirin, other prop up drugs – recreational or pharmaceutical – nor put myself in the hands of a doctor, in decades. I don’t even pour chemical cleaner or one with micro-plastics down a sink, or use products derived from or tested on animals. In fact, I spend considerable time helping spindly spiders out of the bath before I run it! This is the extent to which I believe all life is equal, purposeful and valuable.


Positive Attitude

What is maybe more surprising is that even in this stressful time of global transformation, where self-interest has a hold on every device, science and person with authority, I have still got my sense of humour and have been told I am ‘a breath of fresh air’ to be around. I think it maybe because I have always had a vision of a new earth, a place where we are heading; heart based, protective and fractal (as opposed to fractious which is a word you might know better!) My vision of people realizing their own authority and power was burning a hole in my pocket like a 50 euro note. Now it seems to have manifested in a major awakening to the truth. I am hopeful that it is a critical mass and all we have to do now is hold on to our humanity and use our energy wisely.


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