Geopathic Stress Clearing

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Why have energy clearing done urgently?

People spend considerable lengths of time in areas of disturbing energy such as low frequency electro magnetic waves, microwave radiation, geopathic stress and with other people who feel limited, confused or depressed. Until we learn to clear energy, we repeatedly choose homes with a familiar frequency rather than a healthier energy or higher frequency, however many times we may physically move house or try and be more positive with the people around us.


We can be unaware of the earth energies but the body reacts nonetheless, in its attempts to keep an equilibrium. People are stressed, adults get ill, children develop difficulties, even arguments will often happen in the same room in the house. There are always natural and unnatural energies, at play. We need to be able to discern which is which. After identifying and defusing the primary source of problems, I will also show you how to keep returning the energy of your home to clear and upbeat.

Earth energies include all the familiar ones such as gamma radiation, underground water, microwave energy and particular amplification of emissions at points where there is a cross. The rivulet can be 100 metres below the geopathic line above but their intersection will still be powerful and potentially problematic.

Many decades ago now a doctor followed his divining rods along the lines he found and was able to identify who in which family, sleeping in which room would get what disease and in what part of the body.


Above ground, there is also the play of energies; meeting, connecting and supercharging each other. Many know of the triangulation between high volt pylon, phone mast and waterway that can prove too strong for the body.

I lost my beloved horse to this sort of dangerous grid, within a week of a new wifi mast on a nearby hill ‘serving our rural community’.

Within 24 hours of receiving a text that ‘5G is here’, my friend had taken her own life. There is no question that we are influenced mentally and physically. That is why we need to raise our awareness and take the driving seat. With a clear heart and a clear home, we are the greater transmitter, than any man-made technology or synthetic frequency.

Electro magnetic charge is considered the most common cause of chronic fatigue and many other difficulties. And if you think about it, we are conductors. Inadvertent conductors at first because our hearts and all circuitry are electric and buildings have metal mesh throughout their foundations as well as the wiring behind each wall.

Geopathic stress is understood to be the cause of arrested development; mental, physical or emotional. But I am hoping you are coming to see not a hostile world where there is invisible danger everywhere but more a natural world where we belong. We must learn to not take things personally or fly into reaction. We need only reconnect to the stable regenerative forces and patterns of nature. By patterns, of course, I refer again to sacred geometry.

I have said elsewhere that Harmony Hall’s sacred geometry works as a blueprint that allows the correction of earth energies for homes in other countries. In addition, the coherent geometry is a protection. Not everyone can live in a bio-architecture space but even drawing the golden spiral, the vesica pices (eye) or meditating on an infinity symbol will return your own structural integrity ( I often trace the infinity symbol around my eyes after a stretch of looking at a screen. In anxiety, an understanding of the toroidal nature of reality quietens the mind.

But then we have to look above, to our atmosphere. Think of the ozone layer, where thousands of tonnes of chlorine are dumped in fuel from shuttles. If you consider that more than 60 satellites were launched in March this year alone, that is a major amount. We know that the ozone layer has been compromised for a long time and when there’s a hole the ozone gas descends and mixes with oxygen, causing respiratory problems – which we don’t need right now in a respiratory pandemic.

In terms of home remedies for chlorine in our water, and rain no doubt, I always sit tap water on a coaster overnight as chlorine naturally evaporates. And of course, I raise the frequency of my water further, as goodness knows it makes up 70% at least of our bodies and contains, plenty of other plastics, hormones and indeed nano technology, from crop sprays where they include them to test the soil health.

But there is also the hottest atmospheric layer, the ionosphere. Many years ago, I heard Tesla had received intergalactic information explaining how the human heart could tune to the ionosphere as they hold the same frequency. It was a way we could use our hearts to protect the world against missiles and other military actions and destructive industries.

I knew that HAARP had misused this information, directing synthesized versions of rage and terror etc around and creating pockets of disturbance like chronic illness and perpetual war. Notice as well how Covid inflames the heart too. Also reflect how the vaccine tests help one thing and then create a ‘storm’ in the immune system and total organic failure, on meeting another foreign body!

What I only recently discovered was that ALL communications use the ionosphere – not just HAARP, the secret military communications base out in Alaska that was shut down a decade ago.  Every satellite signal to phone, GPS, internet and automation uses the ionosphere to convey the information. This layer of the Earth’s atmosphere is made of a plasma that transmits radio signals but it is unstable and liable to storms caused by weather in space.

Creating An Atmosphere

I asked, what would happen if there were no ionosphere and gather that xrays from the sun would hit earth directly and cause a huge increase in cancer. Is that already happening? I could find no articles on the effects the directed radio waves have on the ionosphere. I found a multitude of studies about how changes to the ionosphere impacts technological communications, though.

I could not find one sentence about whether the extensive and increasing use of the ionosphere for communications had any affect on the atmosphere itself. Just consider the scale of all wave bands, all information, all searches, all transactions, to all devices are carried true to instruction through that ionosphere.

Billions of people on line. And billions of people no longer connecting heart to heart, in the actual presence of others (because of the restrictions). In true synchronicity, the same day I was tuning in to all this, I was shown a piano student’s plasma lamp. If you touch it, the light instantly connects with your palm and directs lightning strikes around the large spherical bulb.

Heart Health

The good news is that the human heart is more stable than the ionosphere. That is probably why the powers that be do not want us connecting. This is not the emotional heart that often feels ‘all over the place’ or even the steady ancient heart beat of life itself, it is the stability of conscious hearts, belonging to people who are coherent and objective in their perceptions. Most powerful of all our heart tools, is that we have intention. We must set our hearts on protecting each other (not so much from the virus but from the disconnect and isolation), protecting the ionosphere, the animals and the water. It is as the physicist Albert Einstein said, ‘we must expand our circles of compassion to all living things and all of nature in its beauty’. Compassion and consciousness are not soft, they are highly intentional applications and therefore activate the whole ionosphere to transmit our will.

It must be better than giving up all communications to the profiting industries and malevolent military for their missions. Coming back to the individual: Every step improves your health and anyone else you wish to survive and thrive.

Energetic Medicine Price List 2021

  • Geopathic Clearing: …………………………..€175
  • Soul Retrieval: ……………………………………€175
  • Energy healing for Animals: ……………….FREE!
  • Energy Clearing: ………………………………..€  90
  • Sacred Geometry Family    …………………€175
  • Training in Energy Clearing ………………..€100
  • Stress management: ………………………….€108
  • Wellbeing Membership: ……………………..€250 

Energy Homework

Mother Earth is fragile at the moment. We must prioritize our intentions.

What you can do yourself:


  • Clear yourself first – toxicity, heavy metals, geopathic stress, mental, physical, emotional etc. Don’t skip this bit. You can’t clear anything if you’re not clear yourself. Well you can, but all you do is wander off with it without realizing it and assimilate it into your own body. Worth avoiding!
  • Clear fear – this includes the affirmation there is no energy greater or smaller than you and there is no energy good or bad, everything just is.

Every turbulence is resolved and rendered harmless when acknowledged consciously.


  • You are there to acknowledge and respond so learn how to avoid going in to a reaction.
    So, as preparation to do a specific space clearing, you clear with the pendulum, any chance of going into reaction. Signs of going in to reaction are feeling ‘oh no, there feels like a dark presence here’, spontaneous fatigue or throwing up everywhere!
  • Engaging and enquiring about the stories of a place also invite reaction. For example, when you’re clearing a place where 3 people have committed suicide, its been burnt down and rebuilt, nothing will grow in the garden and there are still stretches of famine wall running along the side of the garden for example, stay methodical!
  • Just do what you do. When you get to the bit when you’re talking to the inhabitants (even if that’s you) notice the feelings that come up around those stories and clear those. Only if you do things in this order will you expand your own awareness, clear the place and then harmonize the energies of the inhabitants to their environment.

You are bringing a whole stretch of reality into an experience of zero resistance and more importantly into the frequency of zero point energy. This is self-generating, self-healing and self-supporting energy.

This isn’t just some spiritual human experience of ‘okay-ness’ or feeling a bit better. In electrical terms, we can function at 7.83 hertz but due to industry and geopathic stress, we are coping with electrical frequencies of up to 350 hertz.

Because it is familiar, we literally choose homes and scenarios that resonate at a frequency we’re used to. That’s like making a bee line for a live wire, to repeat the physical, mental or emotional shocks or to keep up the huge stress on our systems.

Bear in mind, anything above the 7.83 htz interferes with messages from brain to body to coordinate basic functions like breathing, growing and learning of any sort…hence cot deaths, learning and behavioural difficulties, cancer, heart attacks and MS and other nervous system crises.

What’s that buzz? Become aware of your environment.

The energetic frequency of geopathic stress is supposed to resonate at 5 hertz. Anything over 300 hertz is life threatening. The majority of places are dealing with an average of 750 hertz, including electro magnetic stress and underground water and metal conductors of gamma and microwave radiation, both naturally occurring and man-made.

I can bring that back along with the health, growth and development of the people, animals and diversity of birds, pollinators and plants. 

More importantly, I teach you as I go along how to keep your environment healthy and protected through sheer consciousness.

Geopathic Stress Clearing - My method

Clear earth energies, and clear metaphysical energies.
Find them with the dowsing rod, and clear them with the pendulum.

As your body gets used to meeting certain information, it clears more easily.

The familiarization programme I set myself, was to go to ancient places of prayer, protection, conflict and untouched nature. I became fearless, and keen to spread the benefits. The wide spectrum I have experienced, made me realise that everyone should clear their own.

For me, it included a doctor’s surgery, an addictions support network, an incapacitated senior bank manager, a peaceful resolution for Egypt, a farm of geopathic bogged down land, desperate finances and struggling animals; five witnessed road kills – hedgehog, pheasant, two cats and a badger, one car crash; geopathic stress and 700 years of metaphysical history for Comer library.

Then, there were two people who had been off work with unmanageable stress; sending to the light of 7 beloved parents, 3 children, 2 beloved horses, one dog, three broken relationships over 20 years in length and abuse, insecurity, poverty and pain for about 30 people and their families.

So, find and create energy flows into and around your home. Every doorway, every stick of furniture, every occurrence, notice it, clear it and take your time. This is life! You can either be wired to the moon or your nearest pylon, or you can unwind like this!

Geopathic Stress Clearing – Space Clearing Reviews

‘The family were so much closer after the geopathic stress was cleared. Frances identified that the problem wasn’t in the house. She asked what was there around that could be impacting on us. I hadn’t said we were on the pharmaceutical belt in the US. For those who don’t know, that is where there are huge fenced manufacturing premises. Companies with a mission statement of having every citizen on an average of 4 prescribed drugs from cradle to grave’.  No matter how well we ate and tried to live by our own values, there were constant health problems and conflict. We worked on Skype over a couple of sessions. That’s all it took. We were finally able to sell the house and are enjoying life and a much better area.”

“The first session with Frances was to clear my house. Both my flatmate and I had often noticed how once we were in the house after work; nothing could motivate us to do anything, which included leaving the house.”

“After the clearing with Franc, unbelievable things happened.”

“Our house started to feel bright and warm when we came in; We could actually relax and enjoy the surroundings of the house.”

“Parts of the house which were previously abandoned were decorated and most exceptionally many of the triggers of my anxiety began to dissolve into thin air.”

“I attended one of Franc’s clearing courses- to learn what exactly was involved in this method.”

“I learned how to clear myself, others, houses, work and absolutely anything. I learned how to take this on as a way of life.”

“Most amazingly I discovered that anything is possible through clearing, that the power to do anything was within and the only obstacle was myself…but again, these obstacles could be cleared.”

“I started doing things on my own with ease. I signed up for a course and moved house. I could at last see they were possible and that I could actually do these things.”

“I think it was safe to say at this stage that my life had moved forward; my fears were diminishing and my confidence growing.”

“I left behind many ways of thinking, beliefs and attitudes and began creating things in my life.”

“The first time I had the house cleared marked a transformational time in my life.”

“I have been able to help my family, friends and animals with clearing.”

“A session with Frances puts you back in touch with your sense of humour and your power to be generous and proactive in a difficult situation, as opposed to just being in reaction.”

“Frances certainly has a way with animals. Our horse had been beaten before we got him and even years on he’s been hard enough to handle. I have never seen him as quiet, easy and trusting as he is now.”

“Somehow you made mine a wonderful home again. We’re also back to playing beautiful music, thank you!” – SS Mayo