Can you no longer make sense of a world which no longer makes sense?

I don’t call that mental illness. I call that a search for meaning.

Therapeutic Training

Self-development courses

Therapeutic Support

Online recovery package – 5 sessions

Therapeutic Training

Self-development courses

Developing Equanimity

mental healthA diagnosis of depression or describing yourself as mentally unwell creates a layer of helplessness on top of feeling low. The grief and stress are not who you are, they just need to be acknowledged. Sometimes, the greater the darkness you experience, the greater the leader you are meant to be.


Developing Perspective

You can learn how to change your perspective. Yes, I actually teach a course on ‘How To Improve Attitudes’!! Trainers go on about Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) but they always say, you can deliver information and you can teach skills but there’s no way to improve a person’s attitude. I say, of course there is! It’s a gentle process but extremely powerful. It will give you the tools you need to succeed.

I know it might not feel like it but every heartbeat is important and it is imperative that you find a way to express yourself properly; creatively or through a job or an education programme.


Developing Clarity

My clients can develop their academic, creative and artistic, musical, spoken and written expression, when they choose to work with me. Not only will you cheer up, you’ll start to realise you have something important to say.

Developing Respect

Imagine taking the time to discover your life purpose and develop your intuition. Imagine coming to trust yourself implicitly. That is why, even when life is difficult, I’m always smiling.

Mental health self-development courses are one to one, or friends can come together
In person or online €22.50 per half hour session.

Therapeutic Support

Online recovery package – 5 sessions

As a qualified social worker and advocate for people facing homelessness and other system or personal health challenges, I was asked recently to create an online therapy for families recovering from trauma. Meetings are on Zoom and can therefore include one or even connect members of the family or friends in different households, while we are locked down.

1. Energy Session

Even though symptoms may have receded into the background, people always still feel low in energy. Sometimes this is physical depletion but also fear of a problem returning restricts your energy flow. After this rejuvenating meeting, you will have the motivation and inspiration to start looking after yourself physically.

2. Physical Session: Positive Action

When you have felt uncertain about your future, it can lead to unnoticed self-destructive behaviour. Drinking and eating a bit too much can seem harmless, in comparison to the seriousness of what you have been through, or are dealing with. In this reflective session we look for the good habits and interests you have, even if forgotten, and release attachment to the ones that stress your body or mind. By the end of this session, you will have found your enthusiasm and identified at least five activities that make you smile.

3. Mental Session: Self Esteem & Respect

This is a celebration of your power to make choices and end self doubt. As you notice more of the small decisions you are presented with all the time, the way you live changes from unconscious reactivity to conscious agency. At the end of this session you will know how to live ‘on purpose’ and have the mental discipline to avoid old pitfalls of comparison or negativity.

4. Creative Session: Self-Expression to Master Creator

Would now be a good time to set down limiting roles? Inside you, could there be an uninhibited artist – fine or martial artist – trying to get out? Or a potter, chef, academic, gardener & musician? This is a chance to unshackle from the past & consciously harness your physical, mental, intentional and emotional energy fields, in synergy. After this session, you will feel how the energy in the body is getting stronger. Better again, you will know what to do in any given circumstance. Imagine the encouragement of trusting yourself like that.

5. Sustainability Session. DIY

People often need support at first, to come to terms with difficult experiences. But now it is time to stop concentrating on matters of survival and merely coping. What you will do with the high energy, vibrant health, productivity and natural connection, is completely up to you. After this session, you will have the navigation skills to shape your future & steer any disturbed or unconscious conflicts, straight into the light for acknowledgement. This will keep you, your nearest and dearest and the places that you live, healthy.

I will also help with writing letters, filling in forms or other relevant advocacy during our work together and remain available for support.

Individual appointments: €90.00
Total price for 5 sessions: €250

There are very few people who do not feel slightly stuck in the past, with some blame and victimization. Imagine facing it all with equanimity. Imagine the peace of coming to terms with your past.

I was going through a hard time with anxiety and panic and I was very stuck. I didn’t know how to change my life. Frances helped me to remove beliefs, attitudes and drama from my life.

Inferiority Complex 

With so many experts, we can end up thinking that nearly everyone else is better equipped to make our choices for us. Reflect, for example, on how mothers are being persuaded that maybe rehydrated baby formula might be better for the baby than their own milk. I am good at reminding clients how there is no one greater or lesser than us. How it is always worth doing our own homework! 

Knowledge is power. Thank you, you are helping others to grow their knowledge by sharing such valuable information very helpful!

Negative Judgment 

Getting qualified to an external standard, like a degree or for a career, is not about success or failure. It is all about confidence and reaching a quiet mind where you can access all you know.

Just a few hours work with Frances rocketed her from pass/fail level to distinction. Unbelievably effective input, help for writing up law assignments and general technique. Also managed to get a lot done over the internet.

Domestic Tension

So beautiful Frances, you captured our story so well and reminded us. I feel we know each other better.


I love Frances’ relaxed style seems more like a conversation with a good friend, full of sound advice. One of life’s essentials.


There is so much bad feeling around. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking the negativity is their own and well founded but just think about where you heard that internal voice of criticism first. Could it be time to give it a lot less airtime?  

Frances is certainly a guide to releasing negativity. Smart and with humour, I think her understanding is probably what my Catholic religion was teaching me but without the tyranny of Dogma. Thanks a lot!


If you have been feeling that you are not very valuable, I will help you work out what unique skills you have and realize that you have something important to say and do, in your lifetime.

Since the first time I went to see Frances, I have not looked back: with improvements in confidence, lessening of anxiety, release of many fears and phobias and destructive thought patterns.

“Thank you and much love as always. I cannot really express the gratitude I have for your knowledge, insight and expertise. Your work is so incredible and I am so blessed to have found you.”

“Thank you, I’m moving forward with a full heart!”

Do not compare yourself to others

mental health

Stronger              More positive

Awesome             …also awesome

“I noticed a significant difference!”

“It sure helps to have such trusted guidance along the way. I really appreciate you.”

“I felt in control at last.”


Join up for year round support and to develop your inner sustainability

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